Month: November 2019


In the dark about the words Black Friday?

That’s a wrap on BLACK FRIDAY for another year…but why on earth is it called ‘Black Friday’ in the first place? We all go about our bargain binge without as morsel of thought as to its meaning. Like Father Christmas himself, there are different accounts about what’s truly real. So, what do you think is humbug or historic fact?
A) In the 1980s, US retailers started using the words for the day when they move ‘into the black’, after being in the red for much for the year before.

B) It was a term coined by American police because of the terrible traffic when people visited town in their droves following Thanksgiving.

C) It references the crash of the US gold market in 1869 – thanks to some skulduggery by two dodgy Wall Street financiers.
Christmas conundrums coming soon: why gingerbread, but no bread, why sugarplum, but no plum, and why does the mistle shrub need a toe? And most importantly, what is nog, anyway?

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