Done well, infographics are particularly effective when you have lots of stats to convey. But less is more when it comes to this type of copy; writing to imagery is also imperative. From our time in newsrooms, to our jobs now as B2B copywriters, let us create this tricky, but powerful piece of content.

  • Excellent for stat-heavy information
  • We think visually: copy & animation in tandem
  • Design instructions (for your or our animator)

Video scripts

As former broadcast journos, our writers have a veritable smorgasbord of expertise in writing video scripts. With a less is more approach, we know how to write with immediacy and to the visuals – including animation instructions for designers.

  • Fast, furious – and sometimes quirky
  • Words seamlessly unite with visuals
  • Either under 1 or up to 2-minute duration options

Research Reports

Often based on statistics from polls or surveys, research reports (or insight studies) are an excellent way to position your business as a market leader, by telling some ‘new’ news and exploring lesser-heard angles.

  • In-depth analysis & discussion of fresh data & what it means for your audiences
  • Includes 3-4 interviews with internal and/or external experts
  • Either 1,500-2,500 or 3,500-3,500-word formats

If needed, the Power of Words can introduce you to specialist insight partners who can carry out surveys or polls on your behalf.

Thought Leadership Articles

Thought leadership is the ubiquitous term for content that should offer a fresh perspective. And yet, articles claiming to be of this genre are often anything but. In contrast, we create highly thought-provoking pieces, that educate and entice – from attention-grabbing titles, to the final phrases.

  • Cleverly considered narrative, backed by research
  • Up to two interviews with internal &/or external experts to add gravitas
  • Either 700-1,000 or 1,000-1,500-word formats


Bite-sized, but by no means diminutive in terms of impact, blogs are an excellent way to drip-feed your stories to the world and maintain a manageable, but engaging online presence.

  • Authored/ ghost-written
  • For websites, social media & newsletter content
  • Up to 700 words

For a more thought-out, longer-term approach, speak to our Head of Content about how we can create a blog strategy for you. This way you know your content will match your agenda – and your industry’s.

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