Did I lie to you?

Dec 1, 2021

A few months ago I was pitching to a client for a new content job, when said client took me to task on how I described The Power of Words as a ‘content consultancy’. I was rather taken aback. Now, true to my trade, I looked up ‘consultancy’ in the Oxford English (which seemed completely daft, but we can gloss over that) and this is what it said:

“A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field.”

One thorny word

Clear as day. We were professionals. We were experts. Still are! We advised. And we had a specialism (discovering and writing untold stories for businesses, if you haven’t heard). But then it struck me: the thorny word is ‘practice’. We were not a structured ‘proper’ company per se, with me employing staff – all working exclusively for The Power of Words. We were, in fact, three freelancers – with our own gigs, but working under the TPW umbrella when the right client / content fit came along.

Climbing the content mountain

Not long before that The Power of Words was just me, TPW. But the recent insatiable thirst for content meant it seemed like the right time to strike while the iron’s hot and expand – from copywriter of x1 to mini consultancy of x3 freelancers.

I’ve been a freelancer for most of my working days. Does that make me less professional? Does that make my writers less worthy? Hell no. And, in the words of R&B singers Charles & Eddie: ‘Would I lie to you, baby?’ Certainly not – not intentionally, anyway.

A forced re-think

But perhaps, I had, unwittingly. The good news is, it’s forced a rethink. And a re-name, of sorts, so clarity rules. Over the past 12 months, I’ve been building up a fantabulous ‘collective’ of freelance writers. All women. All excellent. And all, I’m thrilled to say, are proud to be part of TPW’s burgeoning writing hub.

Not a consultancy, but a six-strong (and counting) collective.

A quick stock-check and the OED kindly confirmed that as ‘a cooperative enterprise’ I am not (unintentionally) pulling any wool over anyone’s eyes.

More experience, more skills….more power!

So, what does this mean for TPW’s clients, I hear you say? Well, it means that I have an even more veritable smorgasbord of writing skills available, as well as much greater availability and deadline smashing potential. More power, if you like, behind The Power of Words.

So, without further ado, let me introduce the new TPW writer collective (going left to right of the photo)…

Fiona Adams: Fiona was previously at Surrey’s Sheengate Publishing for 11 years, where she took charge of several of its titles, before finishing in 2021 as editor of its flagship publication, The Richmond Magazine. In the line of duty, she’s risked life and limb dog sledding in the Arctic, braved vampire facials and fat freezing and interviewed celebrities as diverse as Samira Ahmed, Liz Earle and Suzanne Vega.

Jess Watson: Part of the original TPW ‘consultancy’, Jess is a former journo – now turned B2B copywriter, who is relentless about finding the best way to tell and sell a story. She once visited Sweden to film a survivor of the Asian tsunami who had been pictured running towards the wave to save her children.

Tessa Thornley: The other Tessa is a professional, qualified copy editor and writer. She’s recently edited a novel about the acid house scene, a book on women’s intuition and is currently working on a million-word memoir.

Miranda Jessop: After a ten year career in food and travel PR, a stint at a national glossy magazine allowed Miranda to find her true vocation: journalism. She’s been writing ever since and easily adapts her style to suit a wide variety of content formats. From Julian Clary to Jacqueline Wilson, Miranda has been lucky enough to interview so many iconic personalities.

Tania Lewys-Lloyd: A copywriter and content crafter for brands big and small and an experienced marketer with 20 years under her belt – Tania knows her AIDA from her PAS. Always one for a bit of globetrotting, she loves to indulge in a good yarn about that time she stayed in a convent in Jerusalem.

And TPW has more writers entering the fray, every day. Ok, more like by the month. But, it’s an ever-expanding enterprise – one that’s built on quality, experience, no-nonsense and storytelling know-how. A collective, not a consultancy – one with hugely exciting times ahead.

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