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Feb 7, 2021

Goodbye, TPW. Hello, The Power of Words B2B Copywriting Consultancy. And it’s time to meet the new team: a trio of female journalists turned content creators (a.k.a. the people who can transform your content in 2021)…

For now, we are going to do exactly what we advise all our clients not to do: namely, write about ourselves in shameless pieces of self-promotion. However, never fear, we will also be tackling the problems we solve for you with some top tips from our team of writers.

First up, TPW herself: Founder & Head of Content at The Power of Words – hater of the term ‘stakeholder’ and lover of things in threes…

In the spirit of just that, I will tell you just three things about my professional self and my modus operandi as a B2B content expert.

  1. Storytelling, above all

As a former broadcast journalist (ITN, Al Jazeera English) I’ve written about a lot of things, from the ridiculous to the momentous. From bullfighting, sheep racing and what not to feed hedgehogs, to serious stories on religious conflicts, contested elections and natural disasters, I’ve been around the block a bit when it comes to writing content. What this means is I know how to pique the interest of audiences with intriguing narratives and refreshing angles. In my world, there’s no room for ‘churnalism’; there’s always a new hook to explore.

  • My own USPs

Seven years ago, having already hopped from news to comms, I leapt once more – this time, going solo as a copywriter. My first client was Save the Children. However, TPW the ‘brand journalist’ of all those years ago, is very different to the one writing this blog today. Back then, I never said no to a writing job, no matter the sector, style or subject matter. Over time, I’ve understood my own messaging, my unique expertise that makes me stand out from other writers (there are many of us) and, importantly, my niche audiences (clients in financial services, green industries and tech sectors). Before TPW’s team of writers put pen to paper, this is what we always ascertain with our clients.  Only then will your content marketing fly.

  • Believe in the process

I am a Virgo, and while I am far from spiritual, I do like a process. It sounds so boring! But The Power of Words uses a tried and tested approach that leads to content that’s anything but. Through years of experience dealing with our wonderful clients, we know they also appreciate planned creative content. Unlike my days in the newsroom when it was a fly by the seat of your pants-style scenario most days, at The Power of Words, we’ll take you through certain steps – from brainstorm to interviews, research to drafts and amends (read about said steps here). And there’s one thing we can promise you: the word stakeholder will never feature.

The Power of Words’ top content tips:

  • Ensure your team is singing from the same song-sheet when it comes to all your external comms. From your emails to your blogs and press releases, if your messaging and tone of voice is not in tune, it’ll be confusing for your audiences – and also internally.
  • Make 2021 the year to shake up your content formats: from infographics and videos to blogs, thought leadership articles and research reports.
  • Repurpose your content. We often see a long thought leadership article distributed online just one. And yet, there are plenty more bites of the cherry to be had after such time and investment.

Next week, you’ll hear from TPW writer, Jess Watson, a self-confessed waffle warrior, and her call for clarity…

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