When The Power of Words is not enough

Jul 22, 2021

Talk about under-selling our own skills and services. At TPW we are all about The Power of Words. It is, after all, our brand name and our USP. But, we humbly admit, there are times when words are just not enough. Awkward, I know …

Take the beautiful graphic on FLOW that accompanies this blog as an example. I tried to write about it, but couldn’t do it justice. It became a bit mumbo jumbo; alienating and boring too (yet more warts and all confessions).

This particular beauty was created by the inimitable Regine Wilber of Essence Design under the TPW umbrella for a new client, Framlingham College. Not our usual niche, as such. But a smashing project to work on, bringing copy and creative design together for a website that’s refreshing, progressive and packs a punch. To get a real sense of when and why graphics work wonders with words, here are some thoughts from Regine herself:

“‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – the same is true for data visualisation,” says Regine. “It’s much easier for the brain to see the connections and understand concepts if it’s created as a graphic. It’s a proven method that not only helps to comprehend complex data, it gives creators the chance to emphasise and focus the data to clearly make a point. Florence Nightingale’s Rose Graph, published in 1858, is a brilliant example of using design to bring the stats to life and make them undisputable.”

Effective infographic ingredients

Feeling swayed by the idea of using infographics long-term, but not sure where to start? Typical ingredients of an effective infographic include:

Our info-overload age

In today’s Information Age (or info-overload, let’s face it), we need visual aids more than ever if our brains are not to be scrambled. Think of the Covid-19 pandemic. Chances are, you’ve seen an exhaustive amount of public health messages about the R rate, hygiene or vaccinations in the past 18 months. With wide-ranging visuals intended to catch the eye, they speak loudly and clearly when words alone are not enough – or too complicated perhaps, to comprehend.

The science bit
Infographics are, therefore, a brilliant way of helping your audience (whoever they may be) understand a complex topic. This was seen in a study at Near East University when an anatomy-themed infographic was used alongside traditional teaching materials. Its information was shown to be not only more effective, but also more permanent in the mind. As our brains do less work to digest visual content – yet process images 60,000 times faster than text – more and more businesses are catching on to the appeal of infographics to engage, educate and entertain. 
Why we work with graphic designers from the get-go

Keen to create infographics that metaphorically smack people in the chops with their aesthetic appeal and clarity, team TPW collaborates with graphic designers from the very start of each project. This allows us to write to imagery; you may be surprised to hear that this is often not the case. In the words of our happy client, Framlingham College: “The Power of Words completely understood our ambitions and tone of voice from one briefing”.

Contact us for the power of words and the power of truly great graphics – or alternatively, view our dedicated infographic services webpage.

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