The Power of Words is a B2B copywriting consultancy.
We create exceptional content for agencies & in-house marketers.

What we do

Are you after fresh, influential content that makes your audiences sit up and take notice? Or maybe you need help translating complex concepts into simple, relatable stories?

Whatever your writing needs, The Power of Words provides in-house marketers and agencies with standout B2B content, with particular specialisms in technology, financial services and green industries.

We help brands cut through the noise and be heard – as they evolve, innovate or transform.

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with our Head of Content:
  • “Tessa is a great writer who I can trust with any subject from complex financial topics to entertainment. She grasps the subject quickly and execute it in the given brief. A delight to work with.”

    Jalé Forrest, Creative Producer, Citi
  • “Natural storytelling with a deep understanding of brands and what they are trying to achieve.”

    Munira Ibrahim, MD, Dods Intelligence
  • “Complex subject matters brilliantly presented in a smart and polished way that brands strive for.”

    John Power, Global Lead, Programme Management, Reuters
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      Content marketing: when less IS more…

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      Why waffle wastes golden opportunities to engage.

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      Listen up: We now have triple the power to transform your content.

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      Beware hyperbolic crisis words in B2B copy

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      Im not sure why I care, I shouldnt but I do, cos its important…

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