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A leading Data Scientist’s take on ChatGPT…

There’s a ton of talk about ChatGPT right now. Our industry is in a spin. It’s forcing a re-think. And at TPW, we believe it’s an enabler, not a threat. Disruption gives way to evolution; that’s a good thing.

An angle we haven’t seen much of yet is what data scientists have to say. And that’s precisely why TPW’s Founder and Chief Editor called on Tessa Jones, Chief Data Scientist at Calligo (data and cloud experts), to give her take on the hype (hyperbole, in fact) surrounding AI as a writing tool.

In these short video clips you’ll find out why:

It’s a toy, as much as a tool

It’s a re-gurgitator, not an originator

Credibility is dubious

And you can watch the full version of Tessa’s interview with Tessa Jones here:

As always, please let us know your thoughts: